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A Review By Ms Shanthi V of Singapore On A Session I Had With Her Beloved Dino

I have always been wanting to know how Dino( my doggy) feels about being with us. I wanted to know if he is happy, does he have any request or wishes that he would like us to know. At times when I look into Dino’s eye, I wonder what is he thinking and if he really wants to tell me something. 
I’m so thankful that I got connected to Laurence by chance as I was browsing through Instagram. He brought light to many of my questions through his communication with Dino. This gave me a valuable opportunity to understand why Dino behaves in a certain way at times.  I’m so touched by the special messages Dino had for me. Through his conversation with Dino, I’ve learnt what can be done to care for Dino’s health in advance. Most importantly, I learnt that my own issues if not resolved can actually affect Dino’s health. You must hear this directly from Laurence.
Laurence was also very patient in unpacking and explaining his conversation with Dino. I’m glad I did this now and not delay any longer. 
Laurence is a skilful animal communicator as Dino was completely comfortable in sharing his thoughts readily to him.
Thank you Laurence for making this difference.