I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

A True Animal Communication Story. Love Is Eternal.

A client has given permission to reproduce the following, relating to the communication of two of her beloved dog companions who have transitioned in 1998 and 2009. Names of client and dog companions have been changed to protect her privacy.

Natalie came to me because just a month ago she had a very vivid dream. And she felt the presence of her departed dog companion Stella come to visit. She had jumped onto her as she rested on her bed back home. Stella seemed to be so happy being in her arms again. This experience was so real that Natalie wanted to find out the significance of the dream.

Natalie has no picture records of her dog companions, Lucerne(mix of Spitz and Golden Retriever, gender: Male) and Stella(A Spitz, gender: Female). However her former address was given to me together with a brief description of the physical appearance of both of her companions. She had them while she was still living in India. And due to situations then both had passed on without her being prepared for their quick departure. Natalie has been harbouring a sense of guilt of not giving them enough attention as she had then two young children who needed her more. She has since wondered what have become of them. If they have reincarnated and are living a happy life with another guardian somewhere in the world. Secretly she hopes that they will come back to be her dog companions again.

Stella’s Story:

One day as Natalie was nursing of one of her children. Stella the Spitz went to the front of the house and was bitten in the neck by a local street dog. Natalie quickly placed her child down and hurried over to her to prevent further attacks. By the time she reached Stella, she had stopped breathing. Natalie was in a panic mode and started praying for a miracle that she would breathe again. After 15 minutes which seemed like eternity Stella began to gasp for air again. However this recovery was short lived as she passed on 15 days later. There were no prior signs that she would do so. Natalie was devastated. (Age at transit: 11 years)

This was the communication response from Stella: I picked up her energy as a very loving dog companion whilst she was still living with Natalie. (Natalie confirmed this). Who required a lot of cosying up and snuggles. (I use the word ‘who’ because to me they are like a human being with an intelligence. But surpass us in compassion and unconditional love)

“I am good and busy with my current life…I live in Spain…about 5-6 years of age..my body is still strong….a woman with 2 children is my guardian…I am happy…I am still very connected to you mommy(Natalie)…You did your best when I was with you…it was time for me to leave…I did not want you to see me transit…I always love you…I am always with you…I am only having some eating issues…my current guardian leaves for work for long hours…I am lonely then…I will visit you sometimes…as a sign…when the photo framed pictures fall over(Natalie confirmed that in recent times her photo frames seem to have been falling over)…or when unexpected items fall off the shelves…I am there….whenever a strong wind blows and you call out my name….I will be there…Have trust in your life…things will change…all issues in the home will resolve…Daddy loves you very much….you may move house but that choice is for you and daddy to make later on…my work with this current family is not done yet….Mirabelle is my name now…And I am a cat! Do not feel I am gone…My love is eternal.” (The souls of animals and humans leave the body when the body rests and return when it awakes).

Lucerne’s Story: Lucerne had also passed on all of a sudden without much prior notice. Age at transit: 8 years.

This was the communication response from Lucerne: I picked up an energy of a very obedient dog companion whilst he was still with Natalie. (Natalie confirmed this).

“I am back in spirit….when I left you since then I have had 2 lives…once as a stray dog with a short life….and another as an animal companion to a guardian…I was ill and passed on….I am never separate from you…You have tried your best to keep me comfortable and well taken care of….I understand….you had other commitments….I cross paths with Stella…she can see me….I move around easily….we play in her dreams…I am excited to see you again….soon…look out for me in a pet shop somewhere in the north-east of Singapore…I will be a Shih Tzu….look out…remember my excitement…I will offer you my front right paw as a sign so you know it’s me…I will be a boy….if you move house I will be with you…meanwhile before my re-birth…whenever you think of eating chocolate I will be there(Natalie confirmed that she’s a chocolate freak and that Lucerne when alive had once stolen a bar of chocolate and ate it all by himself)…Its’ a sign I am there to visit..….I miss you mom…I want your love and cuddles again.”