I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Animals Don't Have Intelligence?

Recently I met a medical professor at Mount Elizabeth Specialist Centre at Novena, Singapore. I shall leave out his name and the area of his expertise to protect his identity. We engaged in conversation and when I told him that I do animal communication, he was like- "Are you sure? You mean you even have a website, Facebook Page and Instagram....well anyone could put up a website you know(He was suggesting that I am mad:))...how can anyone communicate with an animal and pick up a two way conversation. Animals don't have that kind of intelligence. Do you have any proof "

Well there are the many animal guardians who have confirmed that the information gathered in such communications have been private and no one out of the family circle could possibly have known about them. And the facts gathered fit into the exact scenarios that have taken place. Most of the personalities of the animal companions are right to a 'T'. Even for the ones that have departed.

I assured him that I am not mad and that I could communicate with his ageing Alsation dog. He wanted to know why his dog companion no longer has the enthusiasm to engage him with play.

Today I have yet to hear from him. Unfortunately society has 'professional' sectors that don't want to be associated with contrary or alternate science because no one dares to challenge their established system, to stick out a neck to study and research on things out of the norm. Lest they will be ridiculed. This has been the unhealthy standard for the last 200 years. What threatens the academia, they will avoid or else science will have to be re-written.

If science does not acknowledge the intelligence of animals we will continue to slaughter them in inhumane ways and treat them as food and slaves.

To non-believers out there. The ball is in my court, not yours.