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Animal Communication With Wise Ones On The Role Of Being Food


We struggle with this subject. Debated over it for a hundred years or more. This post explains thoroughly how animals view themselves when this dreaded subject is approached. These animal communicators have made the critical connection with them on this subject.

Barbara Molloy
“I had a very strong communication with a friend's young bull. When I walked up to the bull to say “hi,” the first thing he said to me as he puffed up was, “I am food.” He was well aware that he would be slaughtered soon. He was very proud that he would feed and nourish those that he knew loved him. He felt that he served an important purpose and ate as much as he could to plump up.

I am a vegetarian now. There were times in my life when I ate meat because my body needed it. I have dogs that I feed a raw diet. It is important to me to know where their meat comes from and I support local farmers. I need to know how the animals are raised and how they are treated before I buy meat.

We all choose what form we will take when we reincarnate. We choose our purpose. That bull knew his purpose. He understood his flesh would be consumed. He was also very fortunate to be loved by his family and humanely treated even in his death. We are all sentient beings, a part of the big wheel of life. We are all one. “

Gaye Rock “I have questioned chickens raised under humane conditions to see how they feel about this subject. Their feeling is that they have had a pleasant life, and it will end at some point. They are not opposed to it ending for the good of someone's meal.

However, it is quite a different story for those animals raised in terrible conditions where terror is the order of the day. So, I urge other communicators to aid those organizations who look out for farm animals to make sure they are raised and slaughtered humanely.”

Leiah Bowden
“I do eat meat and I enjoy eating lamb. I make an effort to buy only meat that has been slaughtered humanely. Last winter I worked with an exceptionally wise and witty sheep named Hefernan. I went to him for his thoughts on this question. Hefernan said,

I know that you kill my kind to eat lamb, and yet I speak to you with love and the hope that our communication can help build avenues of trust and respect between humans and all other species.

The question of humans eating animals is one I have lived with. We forgive you. We place no value on physical life over the continuation of consciousness without a body. You will promote your own well-being to the utmost because that is the law of natural life: to promote one’s own well-being above the interests of all others. You are animals and you eat what you can.

You do not kill me; you ask me for my help and I am glad to give it because I am interested in building bridges of understanding, not claiming power over your conscience. I will welcome you whenever you come into my fold and will work with you toward my goal, for I see it is also yours.

I am grateful for your work to lessen suffering. If your choice is to further the profits of an industry that causes suffering than I might not welcome you as a friend, but I would welcome you in the work we do together.

Tell this to the woman who asked the question: walking in the unity of one consciousness makes it natural to accept the flaws of others, for we do not have to feel alone in our struggle, or be in a struggle at all. “

Buffalo through Lyn Benedict
“We honor you, Great Ones! What are your feelings and opinions about being killed and eaten by humans?” Buffalo replied:

We were once mighty and great, roaming the land living our lives in freedom, and giving ourselves to the humans you call Indians so that they could live and roam freely as we did. We were ONE, so it didn’t matter to us whether we lived as buffalo or, having been eaten, becoming life support for others. We were treated with respect and honored. They appreciated us as no humans have since that time.

Now we are a curiosity in a National Park. People stare and try to touch us. Some of our kind is raised for food like they raise cows. Sometimes we are hunted if we stray off of the ‘reservation’ (National Park) or just killed where we stand. Now the hunter, the park visitor, and the rancher never seem to revere, honor, thank, or appreciate us as the Indians once did. That is what we miss! This is what we want!

It is not about eating or being eaten. It is about respect, appreciation and honor. It is the attitude with which we are treated by humans that matters most to us.

Ask the grass or any plant which you eat. They will tell you the same thing. Life wishes most of all to be honored, respected, and appreciated. For we are all ONE! We are all GOD.”