I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit


As I sat with Agnetha. She spoke very slowly and said she is a gypsy and she lived her life working with people through energy work. It’s known as a past life regression. To time travel through a hypnosis session experienced through the five senses. I didn’t understand what she meant then. She said that she renews a person’s life by healing the present through the past. Agnetha was a tourist in town and I was her accidental guide, as my ‘responsible’ friend had other last minute plans. As Agnetha engrossed me with her stories. I said I had to have one such session. What I didn’t know was I opened a Pandora’s box. My past lives interterwined with others through endless lives. I learned about heroic battles and losses. And of simple lives of people as farmers and tradesmen. I was even led into the life of Mulan. The peasant woman fighter disguised as a warrior in ancient China. I learned about lost loves and reconnections. About people who forsake love for money and power. All about pain, anger, suffering, abandonment, torture, sacrifice, guilt, shame and fear. I learned about my current purpose….connected many dots. I learned how a soul renews each lifetime experience with other souls. And how pacts are made to learn new life lessons or to resolve unfinished business. I also  connected with spiritual masters. I took the opportunity to do so as I slipped into alternate planes of existence to ask more piercing questions during such sessions, with the permission of clients. Three decades later. I now continue to learn from animals who have so much more wisdom, intelligence and unconditional love than humans. Such connections can be so profound and moving. Past life regression and animal communication give a deeper meaning to the lessons on love on this physical plane. What does your animal companion want to share with you?