I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Face Of An Angel. Heart Of A Mobster.


Face of an angel. Heart of a mobster.

Through conversations with Zilla. He says that in a former life he was a mobster head in The Netherlands. Somewehere in the 1920s. He existed through extortion and gained respect in the underworld circles. He even had a gangsta moll. One day a close aide stabbed him and he died. That aide wanted to replace him. Zilla never wanted to release that feeling of self importance even when he reincarnated as a dog companion with a guardian. It's his learning and path he says. (Note: about 1% of souls reincarnate from human beings to animals and back to humans to learn lessons from another perspective). Souls make this choice through contracts with people and animals. What they made them for and for what purpose is an individual choice of the soul.