I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Feed Your Animal Companion Meat Or Vegan Diet?


The most talked about subject. Your animal companion’s diet. Should you feed your dog or cat companion a meat or a vegan diet? This same question applies to all other species that you may be a guardian to. Let’s clarify it here. All animals that incarnate here on earth are aware that their body can serve as food for another. So death for them is a natural process. Birth, life, death and the process repeats itself on this physical plane. They know that they will return again. When an animal is caught by another to be consumed as food. And knows there is no escape, the soul of the prey animal exits very quickly. There’s a natural mechanism for soul to ensure that the physical body does not suffer.

Every species has its own unique diet. Some thrive on meat and the others on vegan. If your dog or cat companion is fed inappropriately her health will suffer and her condition will deteriorate quickly. Every breath that you take you consume micro-organisms into your system. And it is killed. That too is a life. The important thing is, all animals should never suffer torture and abuse unnecessarily. That is the cause we should fight for.