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Houdini Zilla And His ''RaOoarrghooOarf'"

Houdini Zilla and his ''RaOoarrghooOarf'".

Once again I get surprised by his response:

As we were leaving the house this morning after we got changed. We found Zilla having torn up his two small stuffed toys. Polyfibre stuffings littered the floor. He carried a look of frustration on his face and made very little eye contact with either of us. Looked like he was sulking. So I just uttered 'Why?' His sidekick Momo was separated from him by a divider. There's no way he could have got in and destroyed the toys.

Whenever we leave the home that is the arrangement. Momo is of a heavier and compact weight and if not managed well when he's at play with Zilla. He can crush Zilla's backbone. Hence the separation. So I left Zilla as he was with the intent to deal with him later.

When I got back. I drew him to my lap and asked him about his destruction of his two favourite toys. I asked him why. He responded. "Unfair...(why?)...Momo is separated from me and he wants in" (really...why doesn't he tell me?)..."he's not good at expressing so he got me to speak with you" (but you know that's to keep you safe and he doesn't get to pee on your bed as that's his naughty nature...you understand)...."I don't care" ...Zilla replies....(No, until he knows how to behave we can be certain you'll be safe then he gets to join you)...he ignored me.

I made sure the separating divider was held strongly and left to return to my room to work on the laptop. After 3 mins I heard the famous rowdy "Raooarfharf"

I made my way back to check once again. There I found Zilla on the other side of the fence. Houdini Zilla. He made his point and wanted to accompany his brother. How he managed to get over has always been a mystery. You should have seen the look of mischief on his face. Zilla...a handful and a talkative fella.