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How To Train Your Animal Companion Using Telepathic Communication To Eliminate Unwanted Behaviours That Conventional Obedience Training Cannot Solve.

“ Tyrone the bulldog just sits there. Even as the command is given, he does not move his butt. Instead he looks confused. Even frustrated. After all Tyrone peed on the rug according to what his person wanted and he's still unhappy with his actions. The person screams "Silly dog, I told you to pee on the pee pad" The words of command ring loudly in his ears, the tug on his collar is painful. He could pick up the feeling of frustration from his person. Tyrone just simply couldn't understand what his person wanted. After all he read off from the person's mind exactly as he was told. Tyrone feels frustrated too. And really sad“

 ~ Another painful day at home with the person trained only in conventional obedience training ~

Because your animal companion didn’t get the picture of what he’s supposed to do.

Words alone don’t match with the image he picked up from your mind.

Animal Companion Behaviour Management Through Telepathic Communication(ACTC) is simply different.

And very easy to learn.

It solves unwanted behaviour issues at home that conventional obedience training cannot solve.

~ I bet your dog trainer didn't tell you or didn't know  ~

It solves everyday issues like:

Barking; Fear of noises or strangers; Jumping on people; Possessiveness; Lying on furniture; Chewing; Biting and Scratching; Urination and Soiling; Avoiding the litter pan; Fighting; Growling and Hissing; Rivalry among pets and Misbehaving.

This ACTC Training  – Involves the construct of images with choice words to send to your animal companion. All animals in nature use telepathy to communicate with one another. This has been the way since the beginning of time.

There are just 3 steps easy to learn telepathic communication to get co-operation from your animal companion.

  1. Construct the right image
  2. Add the right words
  3. Send it and expect that it has reached your animal companion

Why it is effective for your animal companion to learn?

  • Their natural state of communication for acknowledgement, sharing information, co-operation and learning
  • Optimum communication and understanding received
  • Appeal to their intelligence
  • Eliminates uncertainties
  • Saner, peaceful and enjoyable
  • You honour their needs and understanding
  • Recognize their perception and realities
  • Work things out together
  • Effective and fun session
  • Get a bond so strong that you would’ve kicked yourself in the butt if you knew about it earlier and took no action
  • Resolves all unwanted behavior issues in the home and outdoors

Name of course: (ACTC) Animal Companion Behaviour Management Through Telepathic Communication.

~ This Training Is The First Of Its Kind In Asia ~

Trainer: Laurence Lee, Animal Communicator and ACTC Trainer.

The Cost: S$198/-

The Time: Just 2 Hours of time to spend with the trainer.

Added Bonus: Get to talk to the trainer on the line for free for the next 2 months after the training.

Requirement: No prior requirement or experience in animal obedience training is necessary.

Bonus Bonus: Build a love relationship so strong that an earthquake won’t shake it off.

Contact: animalcom5@gmail.com or Laurence 93280303