I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

I Am Here Always Mom

Hey Mom,
It was me at 2.30am by the front garden
You came out to check.
And thought it was a fallen branch.
It was me. I snuggled up next to you.
As you sat down on our favourite set of stairs.
Where you tell me about the stars.
Don’t you feel my presence.
My love is warm. I am still here.
During summer I left.
So that you would not see me suffer.
In my tired body it was the right thing for me to do.
It was for you too. Not only for me.
I am calling out to you now.
Don’t shed tears now Mom.
I am never away.
When you find obstacles in your way.
I will whisper you the path to take.
When you have aches in your knees.
I will lie on it to soothe it till it goes away.
When Jeremy grows up and leaves the home.
I will be here. Always here.
For you.
Because I found you in the first place.
I know you needed me.
I came to you.
In spirit I will remain.
True to my nature.
Of loving you.
Move your hand over here.
You will know I am beside you.

(Animal communication is not only for living animal companions. But also for the departed ones. So you gain clarity and closure...finally)