I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Life Lessons

What’s life really…This life you are living is about experiencing the duality of positive and negative energies that you’ve planned for. It’s a self choice. A singular expedition to learn about your abilities as soul. And of self love, self worth and self responsibility. No one can plan it for you. You are a spark of energy broken off from the source to have individual experiences. You selected all the variables to make up who you are so the lessons can be learned more thoroughly. Then you veiled yourself. Only to awake through life changing experiences. So forget about the blame on the genes if you do not like what you see in the mirror. Or the choice of mates, friends, family members and enemies. You can choose to continue or end any relationships that pain you. You have the freedom of choice to do the things you want to do without following the demands and ideas of others. Stop thinking of the beliefs given to you and start engaging your own essence. Your animal companion is your spirit guide. Here to help you understand this journey you are having. Be aware of their love for you. They can give you cheat codes along the way. And are capable of great intelligence and wisdom. Domestication is a choice made by them so that they can whisper help into your ears when the load you carry gets too heavy. Life lessons with animal companions make the journey more bearable.