I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Soul Groups


The life that you have is more complicated than you think. 

Besides your tough boss and the mortgage loans, you've to deal with another challenge.

How to know your life lessons.

You don't know what they are and may not want to know. It could be the easy way out. But knowing what they're now can actually help you to avoid a lot of pain. 

Life lessons are challenges we have setup for ourselves to experience and to learn as a human being on this physical plane. To learn about ego, pain and suffering through people in our lives, who work with us or against us. You set up the arrangement and have forgotten what they are.

Your sweet animal companion is here to help you through all the tough times that you've set yourself up to experience. She's not just a simple pup who fetches the ball and wants your curry meal. She's more than that. She may have the solutions for you each time you face a major challenge in your life.

Your animal companion could've been a human being and shared some form of relationship with you in another lifetime. Could have been buddies and shared many meaningful times together. But in this lifetime she chose to be your animal companion so as to stay extremely close to you. Watching, guiding and influencing your every step.

You and her are in the same soul group. That's why she's still with you across time and space. Soul groups are setup to learn life lessons together.

You may want to hear her words. Her wisdom, guidance and resolve.

Yes it sounds like a complicated world. But that's how spirituality works. 

Love and Light.