I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Soul Journey


Two decades ago a black and white dog stood at my gate. He said he wanted to come in and that he was halfway on his journey home. All he wanted was a night to recuperate so he could make his way home with energy replenished. His eyes never left mine. I felt as if I was speaking to a man. A very intelligent one. My mind had a sensation I never experienced before. It began to fill with a lot of thoughts. His mind was extremely sharp. Had so many things going on inside. I had two bulldogs then so I said that he was to spend the night cordoned off by a gate in another part of the back of the house. Gave him some food and water and he lay down to sleep on bedsheets that I laid out for him.

When morning came I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had meticulously removed cable ties. About thirty pieces of it that held a mesh to the gate. The top pieces required him to stand almost upright to remove. The mesh was cleanly rolled back thoughfully as if done by a human hand. Did I help a dog or a man? I knew he wanted to leave urgently. Again his piercing eyes never left me. Here was a soul in a dog’s body needing to learn through it and probably played a major role in his person’s life. Helping him too. He never explained what happened that he had to find his way home.

I stood at the gate and reluctantly opened it for him to make his solo trip home. He said he knew what he was doing. I felt I had to protect him and perhaps assist him but he was stubborn. And he knew exactly what he wanted. He turned around to give me one final goodbye and was thankful.

I never saw this MAN again.