I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Mental Barks

  • Life Lessons

    What’s life really…This life you are living is about experiencing the duality of positive and negative energies that you’ve planned for. It’s a self choice. A singular expedition to learn about your abilities as soul.
  • Connection

    As I sat with Agnetha. She spoke very slowly and said she is a gypsy and she lived her life working with people through energy work. It’s known as a past life regression. To time travel through a hypnosis session experienced through the five senses.

  • The Poop Mystery

    Barkleigh the dog has a yucky issue…that many guardians want to resolve but are at a loss of what action to take. The case of poop eating.
  • A True Animal Communication Story. Love Is Eternal.

    A client has given permission to reproduce the following, relating to the communication of two of her beloved dog companions who have transitio...
  • What's Your Name?

    Now look here kid.
    I am the boss around here in the home.
    Perhaps mom has not told you yet.
    But I will lead and tell you when to bark..
    And I get to eat the marshmallows and ice-cream first
    Get it.
  • I Give You My Unconditional Love Dad

    It was not meant to be her story.
    It’s yours.
    When you came home late from work last night.
    And threw your tantrum.
    She knows the challenges you have in the office.
    I witness all the images in your mind.
    Mom rushed home to warm up that meal.
    She was dead tired taking care of Charlene.
    And she quietly slipped to bed.
    The meal was done with love.
    I can feel it.
    Every fibre in my body feels it.
  • I Am Here Always Mom

    It was me. I snuggled up next to you.
    As you sat down on our favourite set of stairs.
    Where you tell me about the stars.
    Don’t you feel my presence.
    My love is warm. I am still here.
  • Animal Communication With Wise Ones On The Role Of Being Food

    We were once mighty and great, roaming the land living our lives in freedom, and giving ourselves to the humans you call Indians so that they could live and roam freely as we did. We were ONE, so it didn’t matter to us whether we lived as buffalo or, having been eaten, becoming life support for others. We were treated with respect and honored. They appreciated us as no humans have since that time.
  • Face Of An Angel. Heart Of A Mobster.

    Zilla never wanted to release that feeling of self importance even when he reincarnated as a dog companion. It's his learning and path he says.
  • Soul Journey

    When morning came I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had meticulously removed cable ties. About thirty pieces of it that held a mesh to the gate. The top pieces required him to stand almost upright to remove. The mesh was cleanly rolled back thoughfully as if done by a human hand. Did I help a dog or a man? I knew he wanted to leave urgently. Again his piercing eyes never left me. Here was a soul in a dog’s body needing to learn through it and probably played a major role in his person’s life. Helping him too. He never explained what happened that he had to find his way home.