I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

That Message


Sometimes when I communicate with an animal companion the response comes back as a micro murmur. A word, sound, image, impression or sensation so so softly quiet. (if there is such an expression) Did I make it up or is it what the animal companion has said or expressed? When this happens I ask myself if I should edit or delete it altogether. Is it a fiction of my imagination just to fill up space? But no. I hold my fingers and continue to list it down as what’s ‘spoken’. Everything that is ‘said’ is important and should never be thrown away. Leave the judgement to the animal guardian. The little voice in my mind says. This of course can happen too if the animal companion is not a ‘loud person’ personality. (They have may personalities you know)
So next I just relate my findings to the guardian. As she gets engrossed over every word. She begins to cry a little and then some more over the phone. Then I realize all the little murmurs meant many things to her. They begin to fill the voids where analytical thinking could not provide the pieces to fill. But now a little voice has shone light into a very dark space. Give her the path so here she can find her way out of things. They made sense to her. (Good thing the words stayed)
All this help coming from the animal companion. And selflessly he speaks of how he wants to point his guardian/s out of misery and pain. Simply put these are our life lessons we have set up in life to learn but we have no inkling how to resolve or to learn them smartly without getting wrecked at the end of it. He wants her to experience his ability to provide information….his love, acceptance and compassion too. Most of all…his unconditional love. Although he may be ill and transitting from this physical earth soon.
What a wonderful soul.
I have also spent the last 30 years of my life doing regression work. What that means is that I do inner work with people that need to so some self reflection of the mess they have made for themselves and with others in their lives.
Perhaps this is why I am getting such information and insights far beyond the scope of what many animal communicators are doing currently. It’s a healing work for people. I am speaking of such without ego but I hope to be of help to you if all else points to non solution for most of your life. It’s my gift that should not stay locked in a misunderstood work that is only meant for your animal companion. He’s actually here for you. Not his alone. Do honour his messages for you. He knows a lot more of you than you will ever know about yourself. Get his help if it’s necessary.