I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

The Poop Mystery

Barkleigh the dog has a yucky issue…that many guardians want to resolve but are at a loss of what action to take. The case of poop eating. You have decided to sweep it below the carpet because it’s simply too embarrassing to ask for help. Barkleigh is a dog that is well fed and his meals are like the best doggie food that money can buy. However at times he does things out of the ordinary. Timothy relates that Barkleigh has had this gourmet appetite for poop for quite a number of years. When communicated with, Barkleigh says he wanted two things. To get more attention (jealousy issue) and to have a meal time of his choosing. Science thinks that nutrition deficiency is the reason for poop eating. As animals can recycle food when food is sometimes scarce in the wild and digestion has not fully removed all nutrition in the waste. Timothy says mealtimes cannot be changed as two other dogs are also being fed at a fixed time. I suggested to Timothy to explain to Barkleigh that his gourmet habits are unacceptable and about the feeding time. Animal companions are like humans. Some personalities can be more bossy and can make unreasonable demands. You just have to explain to them what's acceptable and what's not. Names have been changed for privacy reasons.