I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

What's Your Name?

“What’s your name again?
Brutus….mom calls you Brutus?
Hahahaha….what a name!
You do look like a brute though…
Mom should call you Quasimodo!
Now look here kid.
I am the boss around here in the home.
Perhaps mom has not told you yet.
But I will lead and tell you when to bark..
And I get to eat the marshmallows and ice-cream first
Get it.
Then we’ll have great times together in this home.
So get your little ass and follow me around…”
(Animal companions can get affected by the names that you give them. Because each vibrate to a different energy and personality. Let them tell you. When you introduce a new dog companion into the home you need to inform the ‘Oldies’ properly. Otherwise battles can happen. However animal companions have fairness, can get cheeky, but have a forgiving quality. The jealousy part can still happen. So you need to communucate the rules right on the first day).