I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

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Animals are sentient beings. Not just humans. This is a universal truth. Not a claim made by any specific religion.

When it comes to the ability to connect with animal companions it’s not the work of any religion or superstition. Or is it a supernatural act.

Animal communication is an ability that we humans all have. But we’ve chosen to forget and to deny through our human species ‘progress’. When we get led away by physical and mental distractions through what we deem as progressive evolution.

Those who are re-connecting and have this ‘gift’ wish that all humans can do the same again one day in the near future.

To connect with them makes our existence complete.


Because there’s beauty in connecting with animals. The joy in being able to speak, to listen to what they say and want us to understand, replaces all other mundane pursuits humans seek.

Animals share unconditional love, knowledge and wisdom with us daily. These messages are sent across every moment even when’re far away from their presence. But we think they’re lesser beings and incapable of intelligence and analytical abilities. And to have the ability for a two way conversation.

Currently science is ignorant of the reality of animal communication.

Humans led by greed and power have their own agendas continue to bring suffering, control and manipulation of the animal kingdom.

I would like to share with you that we’re not far superior beings to animals. We’re all and the same. We simply have different roles to play, in different skin, fur and body on this earth. Which are set in a motion by the life lesson experiences of ours and theirs.

They the animal kingdom plus us equals the spiritual world. We are one. Never separate.

We learn our life lessons through them. And they through us. Intertwined.

The communication that I make with your animal companions involve the thoughts, feelings, actions and disclosure of your life lessons with them.

Our companion animals that we share our lives with, attempt to break through the walls to help us heal along with them. So that we become reconnected with all life.

Animal communication will change your life and improve the lives of your animal friends.

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