I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Collection: Animal Communication X Life Lessons

Animals are sentient beings. Some species have chosen to be domesticated so that they can be beside us to convey messages that we'll find helpful from time to time. To assist us with the challenges that we face daily.

As humans we have a set of life lessons to learn. Prepared by our own souls before we are born as physical beings on this 3D plane. We set up the lessons on a timeline till we cross over. We then threw away the keys to the cheat codes. So we can only decide on a path of action as each lesson unfolds. At times we are left to deal with them with inadequate abilities and resources. If handled well we pass that lesson and move on to another.. Without having to repeat them again. Our personal decisions matter when these lessons take place. All choices are self choices. In that way the lesson is complete. Reporting is done after we transit to the other side.

Animal companions offer their help by revealing the existing conditions and situation we are facing or about to face. We become aware and choose the paths to take. They help us to lessen the hurt and the suffering.

All the while they offer unconditional love. We in return give them care, love, protection and try to fulfil their wishes.

To fully appreciate the exchange. We must firstly recognize that they are of different personalities just like us humans, in furry bodies. Because that makes us acute in the communication that takes place. Animals have their own life agendas too. In return they ask that we treat them well with respect and acknowledge their love for us.


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