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The Animal Companion Behaviour Management Through Telepathic Communication (ACTC) Training

The Animal Companion Behaviour Management Through Telepathic Communication (ACTC) Training

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Animal Companion Behaviour Management Through Telepathic Communication (ACTC) resolves real and unwanted behaviour issues in the home like: Barking; Fear of noises or strangers; Jumping on people; Possessiveness; Lying on furniture; Chewing; Biting and scratching; Urination and soiling; Avoiding the litter pan; Fighting; Growling and hissing; Rivalry among pets and Misbehaving.

Learn it simply in 2 Steps:

1. Form the right image.

2. Speak the right words.

All animals use telepathy to communicate with one another. Learn how to manage and overcome unwanted behaviour issues that are real and persistent in the home. Use the right choice of imaging and words that your animal companion will quickly respond to. 

Animal companions are sentient beings with thoughts, feelings, moods and intelligence. This system is designed to work with their intelligence.

This Animal Companion Behaviour Management Through Telepathic Communication(ACTC) training is the first of it’s kind in Asia. It is based on how they want to communicate with us.

13 Reasons Why You Need This Behaviour Management Training:

  1. You want to use the method that nature gave to animals(you included), to communicate with one another.
  2. You want to have a closer relationship with your animal companion.
  3. You don't want to make her do tricks to show off to others.
  4. You want her to understand you truly as if she was a person(which he actually is!)
  5. You don't want her to fear you and you don't think a master or alpha dog/servant/pack animal relationship.
  6. You feel conventional training is too harsh and it doesn't work with your lifestyle.
  7. You want her to be more expressive and allow her great personality to come through. Not to behave like a robot. Your animal companion is an evolved being with great intelligence and wisdom.
  8. You want a more humane approach and a wholistic animal companion/being - By being able to communicate more sensitively, you get to know her body, mind and spirit.
  9. You come from the heart and she is like a child to you.
  10. You want her to learn beyond the robotic commands that you get in a pet obedience class.
  11. You are not out to impress anyone. You just want to love your animal companion and use the natural communication tool that nature gave to express the zillion conversations that you now want to share with her.
  12. You want to know her soul and open up yours to her.
  13. You want an honest and loving relationship with your furry family member.

Warning: ACTC only works if you use honesty with your animal companion. Because she knows what your heart feels.  

What to expect: Expect a closer loving bond with your animal companion. 

Duration: 2 hours. You get to communicate with the trainer for free on mobile calls for up to a month after the training. Learn in just a short time and use it for a lifetime with your beloved animals.

Your animal companion need not be present as this method instructs you to construct effective thought patterns with the choice words.

Who Are The People That Need This Training: People who want co-operation and a harmonious relationship with their  animal companions; people who work daily with animals; groomers; veterinarian, veterinarian technicians; wildlife protection personnel; nature lovers and trekkers.

For International Enquiries: Group training can be arranged so please email me for details.

E: animalcom5@gmail.com

M: +65 93280303.