I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Has My Animal Companion Crossed Over Safely To Spirit

Has My Animal Companion Crossed Over Safely To Spirit

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This service helps you to connect with animals in spirit. To gain clarity and closure so you can get on with your life.

When your animal companion has crossed over so quickly and you've not fully prepared for it. It can be devastating. It's painful when he has shared with you an incredible life of unconditional love and adventures.

You want to know how he's doing in spirit. If he has left unfinished business here and how to fulfil these requests. So you can get a closure and move on.

Sometimes he may reveal scenes and experiences over there which can be life-changing for you at this moment.

What is required for a communication?

I need a full face frontal picture shot of your animal companion's face(preferably at his eye level). With his eyes looking at the camera. Then provide me with 6 or 15 questions to ask her(price packages at $80 and $148).

The response will be by email, WhatsApp call or voice messaging through Instagram.