I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Learn Animal Communication

Learn Animal Communication

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All animals on earth communicate through telepathy. We as humans can do this too. We have this same gift at birth. But  society's disbelief system made sure we abandon it. Your mind can be reactivated again when you learn the step by step method in this course.

Telepathy is not reserved for special people. You can do it too. Throughout the ancient times many tribes have used telepathy(also known as animal communication) to live harmoniously with animals.

This skill can be taught to you through a simple method within two days. I have been a facilitator and guide for a form of healing art known as regression for thirty years now. I am very acute in that particular field and I have borrowed the techniques into animal communication. This allows me to have fast access to the psyche of living animals and those that have transitted to spirit. The spirit realm and the physical world are more connected than you think. 

The methods taught here are unique and are not repeated anywhere else in the world. You will learn to self reflect first and then access your own subconscious resource to bring forth the gift of telepathy through hearing, seeing or knowing in the fastest and shortest way possible.

The class can be held for a group of eight learners or just for one. 

Duration: 2 days

For a single learner in a class of eight pax - $288/pax
For a single learner who wants full attention - trainer and one sole learner - $1100/pax

What is in a training and what is provided for:
The methods, notes, experiential learning, the process and mindset, opening of the pineal gland and live communication with animals. After the two days of learning, learners can have access to me for up to a month to share and relate their experiences with people and animals on the ground. Their skills will be checked and guided along to improve further.

Please email me if you have further questions and on the available training dates.