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My Dog Has Anxiety Issues

My Dog Has Anxiety Issues

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This service helps you

1. To resolve their anxiety and separation issues.

2. To understand and resolve their aggression and fear issues.

Animal companions that have anxiety issues can exhibit many symptoms, such as barking, pacing, panting, trembling, tucking in the tail, excessive licking, hiding, facing a wall, a reduced state of activity, climb onto your lap, even try to escape through open doors or closed windows. They can also exhibit destructive behaviours around people and other animals. Or through the destruction of toys and items in the home.

A person can mistreat an animal companion and bring him into a home for all the wrong reasons. When that animal can't perform according to her person's manufactured human beliefs. She can be subject to a lot of stress and abuse. At times an animal can be acquired as a boast, treated like a trophy or used as a manipulation, to get the love and attention of a mate or child. An animal companion is a commitment. Has feelings, thoughts, emotions and intelligence. She is very much a sentient and loving human being.

For example, a Rottweiler is not naturally aggressive. He can be as mild mannered, intelligent and as giving as a smaller dog. It's not the size or the dog breed. Putting him outdoors or through a rigorous conventional dog obedience training can give him more anxiety issues. 

He is well aware of your communication and state of happiness in the home and at work. He reads your mind completely through telepathy.

If there are unresolved issues in your personal life. He may blame himself for something he is not responsible for. 

This communication session is performed telepathically and no physical meetup is necessary. Your animal companion can be reached anywhere in the world.

After this communication you may want to learn The Animal Companion Behaviour Training Through Telepathic Communication(ACTC) training. You can find this training on this same website.

What is required for communication?

I need a full face frontal picture shot of your animal companion's face(preferably at his eye level). With his eyes looking at the camera. Then provide me with 6 or 15 questions to ask him(price packages at $80 and $148).

The response will be emailed to you. A scheduled phone call by WhatsApp can also be arranged.