I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

My Dog Is At End-Of-Life Stage

My Dog Is At End-Of-Life Stage

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My dog is at end of life stage illness. What should I do?

The day is near and she may leave soon. You want to be sensitive and yet discover if she has needs and wants to be fulfilled. It's an act of love. To get her favourite toy. A treat. Or even a final joyride in the family car. Allow her to show her gratitude for your love and care. And stuff that have made her life more meaningful. You'll be amazed to discover what's there that you've never known.

At times an animal may want to hold on to this physical state even though she is suffering and in pain. Because she thinks you're unable to bear with the parting. It's painful I know. Be humane to reveal her last wishes so she can leave with no heavy heart. Discover wisdom, unconditional love and how spiritual she can be. Such touching moments require sensitivity to help her cross the rainbow bridge.

An animal communicator essentially helps you and her to have closure at this time. You gain clarity as to the purpose of her being with you and your family in this lifetime. It's never easy to say goodbye.

This session is performed telepathically and no physical meetup is necessary. Your animal companion can be reached anywhere in the world, alive or has transitted over.

What is required in the communication?

I need a full face frontal picture shot of your animal companion's face(preferably at his eye level). With her eyes looking at the camera. Then provide me with 6 or 15 questions to ask her(price packages at $80 and $148).

The response will be by email, WhatsApp call or Instagram voice messaging.