I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Package B: 6 Questions To My Animal Companion.

Package B: 6 Questions To My Animal Companion.

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A Session Helps In These Areas:

# Helps you to understand and deepen your relationship with your animal friends or companions that you bond with.

# Helps you to understand your animal companion’s needs allowing an improved quality in the animal's life so it strengthens the human-animal relationship.

# Helps you to understand why there's undesirable animal behaviour. So that when animal training is applied, the results are more positive and productive.

# Helps you to resolve their anxiety and separation issues.

# Helps you to understand and resolve their aggression and fear issues.

# Helps in the care of sick or end-of-life support.

# Helps to understand rescued animals and how to settle them in.

# Helps to understand your past pets that have lived with you.

# Helps you to connect with animals in spirit. To gain clarity and closure.

# Helps to introduce a new animal into your home when there are current animals living there.

# Helps with animal and household harmony issues.

# Helps you to understand your shared life lessons and spiritual journey here on this physical plane.


Schedule a session with Laurence Lee

It’s easy to arrange a consultation session with me. You can ask up to 6 questions. Many discussions can take place over the phone. However, there are some issues that are better addressed in person(for Singapore only). For international clients communication will be by Instagram voice messaging.

Your Questions Are Vital

Think a little further and deeper when you write down your questions. This allows your animal companion to know your intent on helping her. It also makes you focus on the topics that are important to you. You can also seek my advice on what questions to ask.

Phone Consultations(Non-International Clients):

Sessions are paid for in advance by PayPal or if you are here in Singapore, by PayNow or PayLah!

Required Information:

Your first and last name, address, mobile number, animal companion name and type of animal/breed.

I will contact you via email, Instagram, Whatsapp or by Facebook to set up your appointment day and time. For international readings some of the social media platforms allow options for voice messages through 2 way communication, so that you can save costs. If you are in Singapore I will contact you by mobile. For international consultations, I ask for a 24-hour notice to answer your questions addressed to your animal companion.

Some of the critical questions to ask (Choose 6 questions from here or create your own for this service):

*How are you?

*Is there anything you want to tell me?

*Is there anything you want your parent/guardian to know?

*How are you feeling?

*How does your body feel?

*Did you eat something that upset your body and if so, what?

*What can you tell me about your food?

*What are your likes and dislikes?

*What do you have to teach me?

*Who are your friends?

*Who is your best friend?

*What is your age?

*Where is your favorite place to sleep?

*What is your favorite toy?

*How is the groomer treating you?

*How do you like your pet sitter?

*Has your pet sitter treated you well?

*Does the veterinarian need to know anything about what is going on with you and if so, what?

*When did you last poo?

*Would you like a companion to live with us and if so, what kind of animal companion?

*Were you and your person together in another life?

*What is your viewpoint on what is happening back home?

*How can I help you?

*What have I misunderstood about you? Please explain

*What is your purpose in life?

*What is your purpose being in my life?

*What else can I learn from you?

*Is there anything else you wish to tell me

Let’s chat now….

Email: animalcom5@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/animalcommunicator1/