I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Collection: Why Do You Need An Animal Communicator?

* Solve your animal companion behaviour challenges

* Good start in the home for new or rescued animals

* Long-distance communication

* Learn symptoms and health issues

* Manage end of life stage

*Connect with your animal companion whom has transitted to spirit.

An animal companion can be sick, sad, misbehaved, mismanaged, abused, threatened or unable to cope in an environment. And he wants to be heard. Every animal in the world communicates through natural telepathy.

An animal communicator uses telepathy too to communicate with the animal companion. So harmony and change begins almost immediately for the animal after a communication. You can then decide on the right behaviour approach, or to give the proper medical attention and care to the animal companion.

Your animal companion can go through different life stages just like a human. Facing difficulties like mental and physical issues. If they are not addressed urgently it can take a longer time to heal, or even spiral out of control. There are times when an animal companion is aged and at the point of crossing over. She may wish to express her final needs and wants and to share her unconditional love for her person. As a guardian you may want to fulfil those wishes.

It is essential to have compassion as an animal communicator to give you the clarity and closure through the messages received. To be able to fully perceive the depths of the issue and to translate the animal companion’s expressions that take place.

An animal companion is a spiritual being. Both of your lives are intertwined to learn about life lessons together here on this physical earth. He has so much unconditional love, intelligence, thoughts, feelings, emotions and plans that you will soon discover in a session.

~ Laurence Lee

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