I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

Code Of Ethics For Animal Communication

Code Of Ethics For Animal Communication

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As animal communicators:

# Our motivation is compassion, desire to help and understand all animals who are sentient beings.

# We honour all animals and human beings that come to us for help, to not judge, condemn or humiliate them but to honour their desire for change and harmony.

# We would like to keep this work true, pure and harmonious, and to grow spiritually to connect with all animal sentient beings. And in the course of doing so to have self reflection and have self mastery of our own lives. Assisted by our animal companions.

# We honour and respect all animal lives. By acknowledging their needs and expressions. And to give them a voice.

# We will work without ego and to acknowledge the things that we cannot change. And continue to pursue in areas where our work can be most effective.

# We allow animal companions to have dignity. And to cultivate understanding, skills and ability in those humans that approach us for help. Rather than for them to completely depend on our ability.

# We may relay animal companions’ ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, pains, symptoms, and suffering as they describe them. Or when we feel or perceive them which may be helpful to the course of work performed by veterinary health professionals.

# We acknowledge our limitations and seek help from other professionals as and when needed. We will not name or treat diseases. But rather refer to veterinarians for diagnosis of physical illnesses.

# We assist animal companions in stress, who require counseling and will allow their persons to decide on the course of action to treat them.

# We respect the privacy of people and the animal companions that we work with, and to honour the desire for confidentiality.