I communicate worldwide with animal companions living or in spirit

How To Manage My Rescued Dog

How To Manage My Rescued Dog

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This service helps you to understand your rescued animal and how to settle her in.

A rescued animal companion may have endured a tough life before coming into your home. She may have suffered abuse, neglect and even torture. You are now giving her a second shot at life and that is the kindest thing you can ever do for her.

You want to take care of her sensitively because of what she has been subjected to in the past.

An animal communication allows her to settle in and open you up to her world of how she thinks, feels and react. This helps you both to manage your expectations, allowing harmony and peace in the home. In return she will give you her utmost trust and unconditional love.

It is essential that you find out if she has an injury, unresolved hurt, living preference and her state of emotional health. Yes I am speaking this is as real as it gets. Your animal companion is like a human being in an animal body. She has depth and wisdom and this is determined by her role that she has chosen to play in your life. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence.

This session is performed telepathically and no physical meetup is necessary. Your animal companion can be anywhere in the world.

What is required for a communication?

I need a full face frontal picture shot of your animal companion's face(preferably at his eye level). With her eyes looking at the camera. Then provide me with 6 or 15 questions to ask her(price packages at $80 and $148).

The response will be by email, WhatsApp call or voice messaging through Instagram.