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I Want To Know If My New Animal Companion Can Get Along With The Others

I Want To Know If My New Animal Companion Can Get Along With The Others

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You've a new animal companion and you wonder how she'll get along with the other animals back home. Even if they're of different species it may cause a hierarchy upset at home. This can also include human personalities too as domineering ones can create a clash.

So the best way is to find out how to resolve possible behaviour issues that may lead to jealousy or even fights.

Usually the most dominant animal companion at home will express if he has concerns with the new occupant. Your new animal companion must also give her feedback. Allow both parties to express and see what can be resolved if necessary.

Get a communication done now to find the situation that’s brewing.

And another option is to learn Animal Companion Behaviour Training Through Telepathic Communication (ACTC) to resolve future issues that may crop up.

What is required for the communication?

I need a past full face frontal picture shot of your animal companion's face(preferably at his eye level). With his eyes looking at the camera. Then provide me with 6 or 15 questions to ask him(price packages at $80 and $148).

The response will be by email, WhatsApp call or Instagram voice messaging.